(in various stages of development)

KINGDOM OF RAIN, featuredrama
In a faraway land, a father has found a way to control the rain—he wants his newborn daughter to experience only sunny days. When years later, by a twist of fate, a thunderstorm breaks out over their estate, she falls in love with the rain and sets out to find it again.

ANNA AND THE FREAK, feature, drama
On a foggy night in a small town, a neglected young girl strikes up a friendship with a circus freak who’s been fired for not being freakish enough.

THE PROMISE, feature, drama
After the death of her father, a young girl is trying to stop the world from moving forward.

No matter what anybody says; Frankie, a 9-year-old tomboy, is convinced that in due time John Wayne will appear in her sleepy Midwestern hometown, pick her up on his horse and take her to the Wild West to fulfill her destiny as a cowboy.


Grand Prize Winner, Table Read My Screenplay, 2016
Finalist, Phoenix Film Festival, 2015
Top 10 Percent, Bluecat Screenplay Competition, 2015