clark gable

Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable, 1960

Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable on the difficult set of the The Misfits, an extraordinary film with a unique atmosphere and notable for being the last picture for both Monroe and Gable. Gable died shortly after this photo was taken, and Monroe would follow him a year later. Clift's career had been on the decline since being involved in a car accident that permanently scarred and disfigured his face. So in a sense this film, made in 1960, marks the beginning of the end of the Classic era for me, capturing these once so brightly shimmering stars as they are fading. This is a big reason why this film is so important and so special to me, and I'm very glad I got this picture. What beautiful people they were.

Clark Gable, 1952

I don't even have a crush on Clark Gable, but sweet lord was that guy photogenic. Seriously, every picture that has Clark Gable in it is a good picture. He's so very Clark Gable-y here off the coast of Cornwall while shooting Never Let Me Go in 1952. Love his sweater, and that he's wearing canvas sneakers without socks. I wonder what he's pointing at, I wonder what he's saying. Probably something very Clark Gable-y. With him in the boat are actor Richard Haydn as well as director Delmer Daves and his assistant. Really happy with this photograph, printed on really heavy paper, just a treat.