Maybe the most beautiful thing about Francis Lee’s film is his definition of a dream man. Because Gheorghe is just that—and it's got nothing to do with his height or his teeth. He's gentle and giving, but with a clear sense of identity. Emotionally mature, he gives without losing himself. He meets people with an open heart, but he's aware of how much that is worth. He knows his trust in you is a gift. If you take it for granted, he's not gonna stick around. Screw him over, crew, and he will leave. Today. He’s not gonna engage in the kind of drama that so many people enjoy, whether consciously or subconsciously, the glue that sometimes keeps people together. He knows that’s not love. He knows who he is, and he takes complete responsibility for that person, but only for that person. He's not gonna save you. He challenges you. He lets you grow. A man of few words, he leads by example—even if he’s away from you. Whether you've ever told him or not, you admire him, and rightly so. Hopefully he will inspire you to more than admiration, hopefully he will make you want to be just as vulnerable. If you want him back, it's you’ll have to invest, because another thing that he knows is that love means balance. You'll have to prove that you're his equal. He's not gonna be seduced by a few apologetic kisses and whispered promises. He needs to know you mean it. Because he means it. When he forgives, he forgives completely. He heals quickly when he believes. His heart will be open once again—completely open and completely yours. Gheorghe is that rare person who understands love.