Anna Imhof was born in Brig/Switzerland and spent a wild childhood in the mountains. She is a high school dropout, and after a stint in art school she later studied acting at the Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama in Hamburg/Germany and the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City. Upon realizing that she didn't was more interested in watching other actors than performing herself, she took up an offer to work as an assistant director and later directed plays herself and has worked as a private acting coach throughout the years. She used to write poetry and short stories in German (as Sabine Imhof) that were published in various magazines and anthologies and won some prizes, and she has authored two collections of poetry (“Sonntags” in 2004, and “Das Alibi der Abwesenheit” in 2008), which came out at Yedermann Verlag, Munich. In the past few years she’s been focusing on writing screenplays. She lives out of two suitcases between Los Angeles and Basel/Switzerland.